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Social commitment

Social commitment at the hot pressing plant

At the hot forging plant, it's not just everything about forging that's close to our hearts. We are always committed to doing our bit for a better world. Here you can find out what our social commitment looks like.

New jerseys for the elementary school

We recently made a generous donation of jerseys to Wallenborn Elementary School. These jerseys serve the school team and help young sports talents to give their best while learning important values such as teamwork and fair play.

Our support of Wallenborn Elementary School is a testament to our deep connection with the local community. The jerseys are not just a gift, but a symbol of our commitment to making a positive difference in our local area.

21 Smiles are reward enough

How we gave 3 Ukrainian families a home far away from home - and what great people made it possible

Helping displaced families from Ukraine in a concrete and visible way - this and nothing less was our drive this summer. With the help of many committed people, we have prepared two empty houses for 3 refugee families from the war-torn country here in Niederstadtfeld. In just under a month. Out of charity.

And now, after many hours of work and the efforts of countless volunteers, 7 adults and 14 children have a home - not their home, but a place where they can take a breath. Where they can recover from the noise of bombs and guns. Where they finally feel safe.

How it came about and who was there, we tell you here:


At the beginning, there was an insane amount for us to do. The houses we were looking at had been empty for a long time, so first of all a complete cleaning was necessary. Starting on the roof, we worked our way down piece by piece - with essential support from Rudolf Weber Gebäudereinigung und Gebäudedienste GmbH & Co. KG from Daun-Pützborn.

We sorted out and removed. We have dismantled and rebuilt. We cleaned windows, swept corridors and mopped floors. Then it was time to make the empty houses comfortable for their new residents. But with what?


At Caritas in Daun we got a great tip: There is a company in Bitburg that specializes in second-hand sales - AliBi-Eifelservice gGmbH. The non-profit enterprise offers furniture, tableware, decoration articles and much more from second hand and also new things at very favorable prices. Thought, done. We drove to Bitburg and bought cupboards, beds, wardrobes and everything that 3 families with 14 children need.

In addition, we bought three complete kitchen units and two washing machines as well as mattresses, blankets, pillows and so on. Now all these beautiful things just had to be moved into the new apartments. But how?


Here goes first of all a colossal thank you to the forwarding company Gräfen Logistik GmbH in Nerdlen. Because after consultation with Mr. Gräfen, he provided us FREE of charge a large truck including driver for the transport. So all furniture was picked up in Bitburg and brought to Niederstadtfeld. Once there, the fantastic employees of AliBi actively supported us in setting up the furniture - and without taking a cent for it.

In May, the Ostapenko family with 2 adults and 4 children was finally the first to move into their new accommodation. A short time later, the family of Taisa and Igor followed with 3 adults and 4 small children. Finally, Kazymirets family with 2 adults and 6 children moved into the third apartment. Done.

Thanks to the selfless commitment of the wonderful people who helped us, 21 women, men and children, exhausted by fear and grief, can finally find some peace and take care of each other.


These are the good angels

  • Rudolf Weber Gebäudereinigung und Gebäudedienste GmbH & Co. KG
    Marderweg 1, 54550 Daun
    - fast, energetic support for complete cleaning of houses
  • AliBi-Eifelservice gGmbH
    Mötscher Str. 22 a, 54634 Bitburg
    - sustainable sale of inexpensive second-hand furniture and free assembly
  • Spedition Gräfen Logistik GmbH
    Konrad-Zuse-Straße 7, 54552 Nerdlen
    - free transport of the furniture by large truck
    - voluntary help with unloading the many pieces of furniture
  • Colleagues of the Warmpresswerk as well as their parents, friends, acquaintances and relatives
    - especially a huge thank you to Mrs. Sabine Braschoss for the complete organization as well as to Mr. Wilfried Weber for the energetic support.
    - voluntary help with the unloading of the many pieces of furniture
    - manifold donations of beds, corner benches, bed linen, cutlery, children's clothing, dishes, coffee machines, tables, chairs, TV sets, vacuum cleaners, cribs, decorative items and much more.

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