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Industry solutions

Custom forged parts for your industry

Quality, flexibility and individuality in the hot pressing plant

Welcome to the hot forging plant Schachmann in the Eifel! As a drop forge we are specialized in the production of individual forged parts for various industries such as mechanical engineeringthe medical technology or the food production. With our high flexibility, quality and individuality we offer you exactly the products your project needs. Our employees have many years of forging experience and can respond to your wishes at any time.

Have individual forged parts for your industry produced in the hot pressing plant. We guarantee high quality, flexible production and customized solutions.

Wide range of products in the hot pressing plant

The right forged part for every industry sector

The hot pressing plant offers you a wide range of products. We serve a wide variety of industries, such as medical technology, mechanical engineering or food production. These industries place high demands on precision, individuality and resilience - demands that we always meet with customized solutions.

Other sectors, including automotive, shipbuilding and pressure equipment technologyWe also serve these sectors from our plant in the Vulkaneifel region. Our experienced team routinely adapts to the specific needs of each industry and supplies forged parts that meet every challenge.

We supply you with customized forgings that turn your products into quality pieces. Order your forged parts at the hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld. We are always ready for your forging order!

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