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Top quality steel trunnions

Joint journals, axle journals and PW journals from the hot stamping plant

The Max B. Schachmann hot forging plant in Niederstadtfeld in the Eifel region of Germany specializes in the production of precision joint, axle and PW journals made of steel. Our plant in the Eifel offers a completely flexible production of your forged parts. This enables among other things our individual tool productionour manifold material stock as well as our experience of 60 years forging work. Play it safe and order your forging job in the hot pressing plant in the Vulkaneifel.

Our forgings are produced by means of hot forging with modern screw presses. The material selected by the customer is pressed into the forging die with a pressure of several hundred tons and formed at temperatures of over 1000┬░ C. Close contour forging saves machining steps, which increases machining and cost efficiency. The grain structure of the steel or the special alloy remains uninterrupted, which contributes to the high strength of the forged parts.

European steel forgings

Free choice of shape and material for individual products

For the production of axle journals, we use crankshaft presses, also known as extrusion presses and crank presses. Due to the continuous forming process, the workers achieve high quality and strength of the forgings here as well. As with all products, they use only high-quality steel from Europe. Depending on the customer's requirements, we also process special alloys in the hot press shop - for example, various titanium alloys. In this way, we also meet our customers' special requirements.

Have your joint and kingpins manufactured without compromise - with quality, flexibility and individuality. 100% according to your specifications. At the Max B. Schachmann hot forging plant in the Eifel region, you benefit from extensive expertise and 60 years of forging experience. It's best to leave your forging job to us. Because we know how.

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