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Spare parts

Efficient spare parts production

Smooth manufacturing processes in the hot stamping plant

At Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel region, we ensure that our production processes run seamlessly at all times. To achieve this, fast availability of spare parts is essential. That's why we rely on in-house manufacturing, which enables efficient maintenance and a fast response to any challenge. This means we can always produce your forged parts safely and flexibly.

Order your steel components at the hot forging plant in the Eifel region. Benefit from the fact that we always play it safe with our forging work. We are ready for your order!

Flexible and safe production of your forged parts

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A well-organized warehouse for spare parts is an important part of our drop forge. Here we store important spare parts for our forging processes. We also have our presses inspected and serviced annually by an external industry professional to ensure predictive maintenance. In this way, we keep our machinery in top condition at all times.

The in-house production of spare parts as well as their constant availability allows us a high degree of flexibility and security in the production of your forged parts. Please contact us to learn more about our in-house toolmaking and which advantages it offers you. We look forward to your order and to working together to drive your success forward!

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