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Shear blade

Precision shear blades in hot pressing plant

The best tools bring the best results

At hot forging plant Max B. Schachmann we forge forgings of the highest quality exactly to measure. For this purpose, our employees in the toolmaking shop manufacture their own shear blades. These are tailor-made for the production of your component and offer continuous, reliable performance. Thanks to modern machinery, diverse material and 60 years of experience, we can thus produce any individual forging especially for you.

When producing your forged product, precision is the key. High shear blade wear would lead to inaccurate parts and impair production quality. That is why the Schachmann hot pressing plant relies on high-quality materials and optimized processes. This is how we manufacture long-lasting shear blades that meet the production requirements of your forged parts.

To ensure that our shear blades also continuously deliver precise and uniform shear, regular sharpening and maintenance are essential. Experienced specialists take care of the maintenance of our knives in the hot pressing plant to ensure smooth operation at all times.

Do you need custom forged forgings for your project? Just contact us to learn more about our customized solutions. No matter what product - we will forge it for you cost-efficiently and in the best quality in our hot forging plant. See for yourself. We are ready for your order!

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