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Highest quality steel gear blanks

From the Schachmann hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld in the Eifel region

At the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld, we forge high-quality gear blanks exactly to your specifications. Gears are important components of various mechanical devices. High precision is therefore essential in their manufacture. In our hot forging plant you can rely on 60 years of forging experience. And thanks to our individual tool production and our diverse material stock, we offer you maximum flexibility. Play it safe. Order your forging project in the hot pressing plant in the Eifel.

Flexible manufacturing

Your gear blank - your desired material

The first step in the production of gear blanks is the selection of the appropriate material. This must have sufficient hardness and strength so that the products can later withstand the demands of continuous use. In the hot press shop, we therefore use the material of your choice - whether it is steel or special material. This makes your gears optimal for their later use in various industries.

First, your workpieces are heated and inserted into our high-quality screw presses. In conjunction with our individual forging dies, these also enable us to manufacture complex shapes and profiles. The gear blanks are machined in several steps, requiring reheating after each step to keep them soft.

Your advantages in the hot pressing plant

Have precise and customized gear blanks forged

After the gear blanks are fully formed, their hardness and strength are further increased in a multi-stage cooling process. The workpieces are then cleaned and polished to obtain a smooth surface.

Manufacturing your gear blanks in the hot press shop has several advantages: Thanks to our precision forging presses, we can produce them with very precise dimensions and close tolerances. In addition, our employees can also produce complex blanks with special shapes and profiles - cost-efficiently and flexibly.

No job is too difficult for the hot pressing plant in the Eifel. Whatever component you need - with our precise forging presses we produce it for you. Precisely, individually and cost-efficiently. Trust 60 years of experience. Order your gear blanks at the Max B. Schachmann hot forging plant in Niederstadtfeld in the Eifel.

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