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Pressure equipment technology

Forged parts for pressure equipment technology

Manufactured according to your specifications in the hot pressing plant

We manufacture forged products for pressure equipment technology exactly to your specifications at the Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel region of Germany. Our in-house toolmaking combined with our wide range of materials enables us to flexibly produce even complex components. In doing so, we rely on the highest quality and a foundation of 60 years of forging experience. Order your components at the Schachmann hot forging plant and play it safe.

A major advantage in the production of components for pressure equipment at the Schachmann hot stamping plant is the wide range of materials available. As a matter of principle, we use only high-quality steel from Europe. In addition, we offer the production of your components from many different special alloys special alloys. On request, we use carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel or titanium alloys, for example.

Forged products from your desired material

Steels and special materials of the highest quality in the hot stamping plant

We can produce forged products with specific properties from these special materials. This allows the component to be optimally produced depending on the application and requirements. This can significantly increase the service life of the component.

In pressure equipment technology in particular, components must be able to withstand high pressure forces and therefore have high strength and load-bearing capacity - whether in the oil, chemical, or food industry. They must also be as resistant as possible to corrosion and wear.

Our products for pressure equipment technology

  • Flanges
  • Housing
  • Cover
  • SAE flanges
  • Circular blanks

Approval according to DGRL 2014/68/EU, AD2000 W0/W2/W9/W10/W13

Carbon steel, for example, is a commonly used material in the manufacture of pressure equipment. It has high strength and good welding properties, making it a reliable choice in this industry. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has high corrosion resistance, making it ideal for applications in corrosive environments.

Nickel alloys are known for their excellent high temperature properties and are often used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Another material used in both high temperature and corrosive environments is titanium. So whatever steel grade or special alloy you need, our diverse stock of materials is at your disposal.

Custom tools and forging dies

Maximum flexibility even for complex shapes and profiles

We also have in-house production of tools and forging dies in the hot stamping plant. This enables us to manufacture even complex shapes and geometries in top quality as well as at lower cost. The individual dies ensure that your components optimally meet the specific requirements of pressure equipment technology . In addition, the forgings can be easily reproduced if required.

Have your components for pressure equipment technology for ged at the Schachmann hot forging plant. Our team will manufacture exactly the forged products you need for your project and guarantee quality, flexibility and individuality at all times. No order is too big for us. Because we know how. Convince yourself.

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