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Heat treatment

Heat treatment of forged parts

Quality and experience in the hot pressing plant Max B. Schachmann

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the heat treatment of your forged parts? At the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel region, we guarantee you the best results, high quality and maximum flexibility. We rely on our long-standing, reliable suppliers and partners for the material- and requirement-specific heat treatment of your products. We confirm their work with a certificate so that you can be sure of the quality of your product.

Rely on our expertise and commission your heat-treated forgings at the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld. We are ready for your forging job!

Your forging - your specifications

Through heat treatment, we improve the mechanical properties of your forging and further enhance its quality. We achieve this by selectively heating and cooling the forging at specific temperatures and cooling rates. Whether standard parts or customized components - in the hot press shop we ensure that each forging meets your specifications in terms of hardness, strength and durability. Depending on the order, we implement further measures for the surface treatment of your forging.

Your options for heat treatment

  • Remunerate
  • Normal annealing
  • BG annealing
  • BY Glow
  • Isothermal annealing
  • GKZ annealing
  • Nitriding
  • FP annealing

We forge your individual forged parts by means of hot massive forming. Our in-house toolmakingthe wide range of materials and more than 60 years of forging experience enable us to develop individual solutions for you. We adapt our processes to your needs and thus also produce forgings with complex profiles. Our team understands your requirements and delivers customized solutions.

Put your trust in the professionals and leave the heat treatment of your forged parts to the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel. We are ready for your order!

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