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Punching and trimming tools

Customized forging tools

Products according to your specifications in the Schachmann hot pressing plant

As an expert in solid forming, the hot forging plant Schachmann individual forged parts according to customer requirements. To meet our high quality standards, we manufacture not only our own forging dies, but also high-quality piercing and trimming tools. These are durable, resistant and allow us to work precisely with low tolerances. This allows us to produce your forging individually and cost-efficiently.

Rely on quality, flexibility and individuality for your products. Do not hesitate and commission your forging job at the Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel. We are ready!

Precise work thanks to high-quality tools

For simple and complex forged parts according to your requirements

In order to respond 100% to your individual needs, we manufacture our own tools in the hot pressing plant. Our employees in the tool shop manufacture, for example, punching tools for precise punching or trimming tools for the exact trimming of excess material on the forged parts. Among other things, we achieve a very high quality by exclusively using steel from European production.

To ensure that these properties are maintained in this way, regular maintenance and renewal of our tools is crucial. This means that you can always rely on reliable production - no matter how complex your individual component is.

Put your trust in 60 years of experience at the Schachmann hot stamping plant. We supply you with steel products that fully meet your requirements thanks to our reliable tooling.

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