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Thinking about the future

Sustainability at the Schachmann hot pressing plant

The environmental impact of hot forming are effectively reduced if it is carried out as sustainably as possible. Find out here which measures we have already implemented in the hot stamping plant and which we are currently working on. So you know exactly how your products are manufactured in the Eifel.

Do you want to have your individual steel components manufactured as sustainably as possible? Then commission your products in the hot stamping plant. We look forward to your project!

Our sustainability measures

This is how we take responsibility for the future

In the past, we have already taken various measures to produce your forged parts more sustainably. These include, for example, the use of energy-saving technologies and the use of recycled materials. We have also focused on improving working conditions and promoting social responsibility.

Today, of course, we place more emphasis on sustainability than ever before. We not only comply with legal requirements, but clearly go beyond them in our environmental and social standards. Our goal is to fulfill our responsibility to the environment and society and to work for a positive future.

We have set ourselves long-term goals for the future. We aim to further reduce our environmental impact and continuously improve social responsibility. To this end, we are investing in renewable energies and other sustainable technologies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We want to actively help shape a sustainable future and make a positive contribution to the environment and society.

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