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Medical Technology

Forged parts for medical technology

Forged products made to measure from the hot pressing plant

We manufacture components for medical technology perfectly to measure at the Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel region. Thanks to our in-house tool production and the diverse material stock, even complex forged parts made of special alloys are no problem. Partially automated processes and modern robotics also guarantee fast and cost-efficient production. Trust in 60 years of forging experience and order your forging job in the hot forging plant.

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Quality made to measure

Medical Technology

Our products for medical technology

  • Diaphragms
  • Anode plate
  • Rotor shaft
  • Slice
  • Face plate
  • Connection rings
  • Cathode plates
  • Housing cover
  • Flanges

The Solid Forming is optimal for the production of components for medical devices and metallic implants. In hot forging, the metal piece is heated to around 1,000 ┬░C. The material to be forged is then shaped into the desired shape using our customized forging dies. Using enormous compressive forces, the material to be forged is pressed into the shape you require with the help of our individual forging dies. This process gives the components high strength and durability.

Custom forging dies

For complex components in medical technology

The production of forged parts for medical technology is expert work. One of the biggest challenges is that the components are often small in size. This requires not only working with precise forging presses, but also the many years of experience of our employees. This is how we ensure that your products meet the high quality standards in medical technology.

At the Schachmann hot pressing plant, we can also manufacture complex forged products with low tolerances - whether it be steel or special alloy. Our forging dies are designed specifically for the manufacture of your component - with the help of modern CNC lathes and 5-axis milling machines. In this way, we ensure production with high precision and control during manufacture. It also shortens manufacturing time and wastes less material, which saves costs.

When it comes to the production of your individual forged parts for medical technology , you can rely on quality, flexibility and individuality at the Schachmann hot pressing plant. We manufacture your forged product exactly according to your specifications and from your desired material - high quality and durable. Whatever product you need, our employees are ready for your order.

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