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Food production

Forged parts for food production

Individually manufactured in the hot pressing plant in the Eifel region of Germany

Special requirements apply to steel components in food production. The hot forging plant in the Eifel region manufactures your individual forged part exactly as you need it - from flanges for extensive piping to valves for sensitive filling systems. Thanks to our individual tool production, we forge every product exactly to measure. So commission your component for food production at the hot pressing plant in the Eifel.

High-alloy stainless steel is mostly used for demanding applications in the food industry. Especially those where corrosion and temperature resistance as well as high strength are required. The hot stamping in the hot stamping plant in the Eifel region of Germany offers the possibility of producing individual components with complex shapes in excellent quality.

Precise production

Tight tolerance even with complex shapes

The manufacture of products from high-alloy stainless steel requires special measures to meet the standards of the food industry. The products not only have to be produced carefully and precisely, but also cleaned intensively afterwards. Using special processes, the hot stamping plant team ensures that neither burrs nor pollutants or impurities remain on the products.

One example of the application of hot forging to high-alloy stainless steel is the production of safety valves. In breweries and dairies, for example, these components have to withstand demanding conditions such as high temperatures and acidic substances over the long term. The hot stamping plant in Niederstadtfeld produces components with a very tight tolerance for this purpose. This results in improved functionality and durability.

Resistant and durable

Our products for food production

Overall, hot forging is perfect for the manufacture of high-alloy stainless steel products. As for each of our products, we can guarantee high quality, performance and durability. The components are not only corrosion resistant and durable, but also easy to clean. This makes them ideal for use in food production.

Whatever component you need - we forge it exactly to measure in the hot stamping plant. Even demanding shapes, dimensions and materials that have to meet the specific requirements of the food industry are no problem for us. Trust in 60 years of forging experience and order your components in the hot forging plant in the Eifel.

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