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The Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant has been forging high-quality metal components since 1959. A lot has changed since then, of course, but not the demand for optimum results. We send you on a virtual journey through time and tell you the history of the hot forging plant in great pictures. In the small gallery you can see how our drop forge in the Eifel region has developed over the years and decades. An exciting look into the past. Have fun looking through!


On January 23, Max Bernhard Schachmann founds what is now Warmpresswerk Max B. Schachmann GmbH in Plettenberg. After commissioning the first forging press, the company starts with the production of radiator fittings. Due to an acute lack of space, the move to Niederstadtfeld in the Eifel begins as early as November of the same year.


Soon after the move, the company expands. In addition, the production of forged products for the automotive industry and general engineering begins.


The former owner and managing director Hans-Joachim Willke joins the company.


Hans-Joachim Willke takes over the management of Warmpresswerk Max B. Schachmann GmbH.


Hans-Werner Hommelsen is appointed as the second Managing Director.


After a successful 14 years as Managing Director, Mr. Hommelsen retires. Carolin Walz is appointed Managing Director.


Mr. Hans-Dieter Meeth joins the company as Managing Director


The hot pressing plant turns 60.


Takeover of the company and management by Kevin Walz.

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