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Highest quality steel flanges

Customized forged parts from the hot pressing plant in the Eifel region of Germany

In our hot forging plant in the Eifel region of Germany, we forge individual flanges exactly to your specifications. In doing so, you benefit from our wide range of materials and our individual tool manufacturing. Whether special alloy or unique shape - we guarantee you maximum flexibility. Play it safe and trust in 60 years of forging experience. Order your flanges made of steel in the hot pressing plant in the Eifel.

The employees in the hot stamping plant produce steel flanges using high-quality screw presses. Under enormous pressure, they shape the selected metal into the desired form. Thanks to flexible in-house tooling, the employees are also able to forge flanges with special or complex dimensions.

Forged parts from your desired material

European steel for a high quality and durable end product

To produce a flange, the first step is to select the appropriate material. In the hot pressing plant, workers use only high-quality steel from European production. Depending on the application of the flanges, special alloys can also be processed. Choose your desired metal from our wide-ranging material stock. This way you will get exactly the result you need for your project in the hot pressing plant.

Now that the flanges have the desired shape, they are cooled. They are then thoroughly inspected to ensure that they have exactly the right specifications. Finally, the flanges are either delivered directly to the customer or stored in the workshop until they are needed.

Expertise and routine

Quality from 60 years forging experience


The production of individual steel flanges requires expertise and experience. Only in this way can the workers ensure that each workpiece meets the customer's requirements 100%. At the hot stamping plant, you benefit from high-quality material, modern production methods and flexible manufacturing. This makes your flanges robust, durable, reliable to fulfill their function without restrictions and with as little wear as possible.

Rely on 60 years of experience and highest forging quality from the Eifel. Order your individual forging job at the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld.

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