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Always well positioned

Employees and departments of the hot pressing plant

At the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in Rhineland-Palatinate, more than 100 employees (staff) work like a well-oiled machine. Every day, they are committed to providing you with the best possible quality and perfect service with expertise and experience. For forging projects, trust our experts (and experts) at the hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld.

Even away from the machines, we always strive for efficiency and flexibility in the hot stamping plant. Our departments are optimally networked and their workflows are coordinated. This also includes short communication channels between administration and operations. These enable variable and holistic customer service and low overhead costs.

Good team means good work

Reliability through cohesion in the hot pressing plant

The fair and appreciative cooperation in the hot stamping plant also promotes collaboration and ultimately ensures low fluctuation among our employees. Your advantage: constant contact persons and reliable services.


The departments of the hot pressing plant at a glance

Would you like to know exactly what happens in the halls of the hot pressing plant? Here you will find a detailed list of the individual departments and their tasks:

  • Tool shop: manufacturing, reworking and storage of tools required for forging (dies, trimming and piercing tools)
  • Separation shop: cutting and separating the blanks required for production according to the respective weight specifications
  • Forge: production of the forging blanks by hot forging
  • Trimming: optional removal of the excess burr from the blank and/or piercing of the parts.
  • Final inspection: cleaning of the parts by sandblasting followed by visual inspection.
  • Shipping: storage of parts ready for shipment and subsequent loading onto trucks
  • Maintenance: optional execution of repair work as well as preventive maintenance and regular servicing of the machine park
  • Quality management: implementation of standards in production and the energy sector
  • Production planning: control of the processes from the cutting of the raw material to the final inspection of the produced workpieces
  • Purchasing: Procurement of raw materials as well as materials for the daily operation of the hot pressing plant.
  • Sales: processing of current orders from existing customers and acquisition of new customers

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