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Exact calibration of forged parts

Precise measurements for optimum quality in the hot pressing plant

The hot forging plant Schachmann in the Eifel region offers you forged products made to measure. To ensure the highest precision and quality during production, our employees perform a comprehensive calibration. With their many years of experience, they take a close look at your forged part so that it meets your specifications and needs 100%.

You too can benefit from our precise working methods. Order your forged parts at the Max B. Schachmann hot pressing plant in the Eifel region and receive perfect products. Our employees will be happy to support you with your project!

Comprehensive process

Calibration of your forged parts in several steps

The calibration process in the hot stamping plant involves several careful steps. This is how we ensure that your forgings meet our strict quality requirements. First, we select the appropriate measuring device, such as micrometers or test gauges, to perform accurate measurements. Then we check and calibrate the measuring device to ensure accurate results.

We use the high-precision measuring equipment to measure your forged parts at defined measuring points. The results obtained are carefully compared with the specifications to ensure a perfect fit. The documentation of the measurement results is also carried out conscientiously to ensure complete traceability.

At the Schachmann hot pressing plant, you receive exactly the product you order - without compromises or inaccuracies. Meeting your individual requirements 100% is our claim. Simply send us your order with our practical product inquiry. We are ready!

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