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Mechanical Engineering

Forged parts for mechanical engineering

Precise forged products according to your specifications in the hot pressing plant

At the Schachmann hot forging plant, we forge individual components for mechanical engineering. With self-made tools and forging dies we produce even complex components without any problems. Our high-quality and precise forging presses as well as our 60 years of experience. Play it safe and order your forging job in the hot forging plant.

Forged components for mechanical engineering are subject to severe demands in use. The forged components must therefore have high strength and durability to withstand the loads. Thanks to our diverse material stock, you can select the optimum steel grade or special alloy for your product. With the help of special heat- and surface treatment the component is additionally individualized after the forging process.

Our products for mechanical engineering

  • Union nuts
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Output drives
  • Outer and inner rings
  • Lamellae carrier
  • Magnetic housing
  • Profile taper discs
  • Test wheels
  • Pump wheels
  • Lock washers
  • Cylinder

In addition, components in mechanical engineering must be precisely formed so that they can be smoothly integrated into the overall design of the machine. Thanks to the wide range of materials and in-house toolmaking, the hot stamping plant optimally meets these requirements.

Manufacturing of complex components

With individual forging dies

In the hot forging of your components for mechanical engineering, blanks are plastically formed under high temperatures and compressive forces of several hundred tons in one of our 9 forging presses. Hot forming generally has the advantage that the components can be adapted in shape and size to meet the specific requirements of mechanical engineering.

Our individual forging dies make it possible to produce components exactly to your specifications. Our experienced employees can also produce components with complicated shapes and profiles. The number of forging processes as well as excess material are also reduced, as the workpiece can be manufactured with fewer work steps due to an optimized design of the die.

In the hot stamping plant you get exactly the individual components for mechanical engineering that you need. In highest quality and with very low tolerances and in your desired material. Rely on 60 years of forging experience from the Eifel and order your forged products at the Schachmann hot pressing plant in Niederstadtfeld.

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