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Quality management

Trust is good, a measurement system is better

Modern quality control at the Schachmann hot pressing plant

At hot pressing plant Schachmann in the Eifel region, we attach great importance to quality, continuity and uncompromising precision. An essential part of our quality control is our modern quality management. It ensures that our forgings undergo a thorough final inspection before packaging and that there is absolutely no room for deficiencies.

Convince yourself of our quality. Have your forged parts individually manufactured in the hot pressing plant in the Eifel. You can rely on over 60 years of forging experience and play it safe. So go ahead, we are ready for your order!

Highest standard in control

This is how quality inspection works in the hot pressing plant

At the beginning of the process, the steel components run over a conveyor belt and are checked by a trained employee by careful visual inspection for possible irregularities or defects. Products that do not exactly meet our standards are identified and sorted out to ensure the highest quality standards.

This is followed by a one hundred percent height check of the parts. This is how we ensure that they meet your exact specifications. During this process, the parts are passed through a light barrier and then into the respective transport container. In order to determine the exact quantity of parts in the container, our quality measurement system has a display on which the employees can read the exact number of parts.

Our counting equipment is tested annually as part of the measuring equipment monitoring and released for use by a specially trained employee. Depending on standard and customer requirements, we subsequently subject the parts to a magnetic particle penetration test as well as a hardness and mix-up test. We have defined process and work instructions for this in order to ensure the standard excellent quality of our products.

So when it comes to precisely manufactured and tested forgings, put your trust in the Schachmann hot forging plant. We look forward to fulfilling your order and helping you succeed.

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