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Class 2000" project

We support the "Klasse2000" project for the elementary school in Üdersdorf!

We are excited to be part of the Klasse2000 community and to help children grow up healthy and strong. Klasse2000 is a wonderful program that teaches children important skills and helps them to lead a healthy and addiction-free life.

Through Klasse2000, children learn through play how to deal with stress, make healthy choices and express their feelings. The program also provides them with valuable information about the body, nutrition and exercise in order to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

As a supporter of Klasse2000, we are delighted to be able to help even more children benefit from this valuable program. With our donation, we enable Klasse2000 to be implemented in schools and give children the chance to discover their personal strengths.

Let's be friends of Klasse2000 together and give children a healthy and happy future.

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